Friday, March 17, 2017

September - A Work in Progress

It was going to be a miserable, with the temperature at 14F (-10C) and just under 1/2" (10mm) of ice accretion to accumulate over the course of the day I decided that I would like to work on some of my acrylic paintings which had been started a number of years ago (see post on 03 October 2010).

First I mixed some of the background greens with ultramarine blue and raw sienna and covered the areas where the tape had lifted the background.

I darkened the colour with burnt sienna and more of the blue and added in a couple more pine trees to the right of the large one.

Next I added a small amount of titanium white to lighten the colour slightly and added a few more pines on the right side of the painting.

With burnt sienna I put in the middle area where a path runs through the forest.

Using raw sienna I put in some dead grasses below the trees and into the foreground on the left side.

Using various mixtures of Hansa yellow and cadmium red I scattered some leaves across the ground.

Using the white I added a couple of birch trees in front of the pines and the dark mix to add the markings onto the trunks.

Lastly, I used Hansa yellow and raw sienna for the leaves on the birches.

I am not happy with this piece and I will post this painting again at a later date once I have made a number of changes.