Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pontoon Boat

Yesterday, before I went over to Christine's house to babysit Aaron I stopped and looked at a pontoon boat. Ron has wanted one for a number of years and I found one that was in good shape and within our price range.

After speaking with the owners we agreed on a price and I gave them a deposit on the boat.

I let them know I would be back tomorrow to pay the balance and to take the boat home.

As the owner went to take the "For Sale" sign off the boat another vehicle pulled in to look at the boat. He wanted the boat as well, but he was too late.

I am very glad I didn't wait until today to go and look at the boat, or I wouldn't have been able to get it for Ron.

Once Ron came home today he went to the shop to get all the things together that he may need to bring the boat and trailer home. He is always ready for anything that can go wrong and may need to be fixed while we are in transit.

As it turned out it we needed a set of lights to attach to the trailer.

It didn't take long for Ron to hook it up since he brought all the tools he needed with him.

Once all the paperwork had been taken care of we were on our way home.

Even though the boat is a little smaller than what he had wanted he is quite pleased with his boat.

Especially since the previous owner took excellent care of the boat, motor and trailer.

We will probably go out in the boat at least once this year before it gets too cold.