Monday, April 18, 2016

Lakes 1-3

I was in the mood to doodle and thought I may as well do some drawings of scenes with water in them.

I thought for the first piece that I would like to have a lot of sky where the colours could be reflected into the water of the lake.

I put in my horizon line first, fairly low on the paper to leave plenty of room for the sky.

Lastly I put an island in the foreground on the right hand side with a couple of tall pines.

Lake 1

For the next sketch I wanted to have the water with a lot more movement.

First I put in the horizon line and then put in the large rock, followed by the lighthouse.

Lake 2

At the bottom put in the large waves crashing against the base of the rock and a few white caps in the distance.

For the third sketch I put in the horizon line first and then set down the leading wave on the shoreline.

Lake 3

Lastly, I put in some debris on the shore and indicated some waves on the surface of the lake.