Thursday, June 6, 2013

Early Morning 3 and 4

Today the KAGS Outdoor Painters Group was at the Isabel Morris Park in Lakefield, Ontario. This 2 acre (.81 hectares) park is located adjacent to the Lakefield-Smith Arena and provides a view of Otonabee River.

The Lakefield Marina is also located on the Otonabee River at the mouth of Katchewanooka Lake at the far end of the park.

Early Morning 3

From the boardwalk which runs alongside the river edge of the park you can see the Lakefield Beach and Playground on the far side of the Otonabee River and both Prince Andrew Island and Gordonstoun Island, which is where I decided to set myself up to do some drawing.

Early Morning 4

I did the first sketch of the two islands with the park on the far side of the river. I then changed my position to get a different angle of the islands for my next sketch which is mainly of the two islands with just the shoreline of the far side of the river.