Friday, June 20, 2014

ACEO - Dockside 1 and 2

Today I was bound and determined to finish the two little paintings that I had started last year (see postings on 16 October 2012, 09 February 2013, 20 May 2013, 15 August 2013, 10 December 2013 and 09 January 2014).

It seemed as though every time I started working on them something came up so that I wasn't able to get very much work done on them.

Dockside 1

On the first painting I only needed to finish the tie rope on the one post and add a little more shadow on the posts to complete the painting.

The second painting just need a little more work on the larger gull by adding a few more details.

If you would like more information about ACEO please go to my post on 11 March 2010.

Dockside 2

The ACEO shown here are all original watercolour paintings using Artist quality Winsor & Newton paint on 300lb. Arches 100% rag, acid free watercolour paper. They are priced at $20.00 each and sold unframed.