Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Young Pine Tree I

Today I wanted to work in pen and ink, so I pulled out my box of pencil sketches and found this one of a young pine tree that I did on location a couple of years ago (see post on 25 December 2017).

First I tidied up my sketch adding a few more details to the branches.

Starting at the top of the tree I indicated the centre of the tree trunk by running a line down from the top of the tree to where it ended in the grass.

From there I added the branches, once again from the top and worked my way down the tree trunk.

Next I added the pine needles onto each of the branches.

I gradually thickened the tree trunk, as I approached the bottom and filled in a few small broken branches coming off from the trunk.

Lastly I indicated the ground line by adding in some grasses and growies.

When matted and shrink wrapped, this original 4" x 9” pen and ink drawing will be available for $45.00.