Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Buildings I-V

Today I went out and decided that I would work on location and pull off on the side of the road and do quick sketches of various building and scenery as I drove along Highway 507.

Run In Sheds I

The first thing that attracted my interest was some old run in sheds in an overgrown field alongside the highway.

Lily Pond I

As I continued past Flynn's Corners I found in the marsh an old barn reflected in the water among the white lily pads in bloom.

Farm House I

Not too far away, was an old farm house that probably went with the barn near the marsh.

Church I

Heading into the town I came across a church by the side of the road with a fairly large parking lot for the congregation.

Stone House I

As I started along another road that would take me back home I found this stone hose with a large maple tree in the front lawn.

I was pleased with today's sketches, many of which came easily be made into paintings at a later date.