Monday, October 23, 2017

Rural Outlook Exhibit

Today my co-conveners Cindy Allan and Norma MacEachern and I measured out the wall space in the Gallery for each of the fourteen exhibitors and then we could start hanging our work in our assigned spaces.

The first thing I did was hanging my featured painting in the centre of my space and then set out paintings on the floor to fill the remaining space.

It took a little while to get the paintings hung on the wall, when I realized that I need another painting to balance my display.

I put the tablecloth on my table and then headed home to get a couple more small paintings to see which one would make a good fit on the wall.

When I returned I finished hanging the paintings on the wall and made up the name cards.

I cleaned the glass on the paintings to remove any finger prints.

Next I picked up all the cartons and put them out in the car to take back home.

I then brought in my print rack from the car and placed it on the table.

Lastly, I sorted the matted and shrink wrapped paintings and put them in the print rack.

Now it was time to go home and relax.