Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rocky Shore 1 - A Work in Progress

Going through some old files I came across this piece that I had started quite a while ago. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photograph of it before I started painting.

The yellow tones in the sky were already painted in and a lot of shapes against the sky and the rock shapes were blobs of colour.

I started with the "blobs" that would eventually become rocks by lifting some of the colour to create highlights and then added darks for the shadows and left the colour that was in place for the middle tone.

Using the colour of the rock shadows I painted in a few lines to create the illusion of water and the remaining colour looks like reflections.

There were a few pencil lines that I couldn't remove so I lifted the colour from the dark shape below them and created three birches.

Next I added some green foliage behind some of the larger rocks and with a darker green mixture made a pine tree.

I was mixing a dark to finish the birches when I dropped my brush onto the painting. That told me it was time to quit.

When I next post this painting at a later date I think I will turn the mess in the corner into autumn leaves and add some reds, oranges and yellow into the background trees.