Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pine Reflections 1 and 2

Today I went to the back of the property to do a little sketching by the Snelgrove Brook before it becomes overgrown with all the leaves on the deciduous trees and bushes as well as the tall grasses and growies.

I decided that I would like to do a diptych of the open area of the brook at the bottom of the field just before the start of the
forest at the south end of the property.

Pine Reflections 1

I started with the closest shore of the brook on both drawings so they matched.

I put in the basic ground line in first and added a few trees and grasses.

Next I put in the waterline of the far shore making sure it matched on both drawings.

Then I started adding in the rocks against the water's edge and put in some growies in the foreground behind the rocks and then added the pine trees and deciduous tree trunks.

Pine Reflections 2

Lastly I indicated the pine tree reflections into the water.