Friday, July 10, 2015

Motion in Stillness

Today is another hot and humid day with the temperature reaching 79F (26.1C) and the humidity making it feel like 86F (30C).

I went to see if they had finally managed to remove the yellow sticky labels and actually have the cards on the wall beside our paintings.

I fail to understand why a public Gallery is unable to print out cards within a day when at KAGS we can have all the wall cards for the show completed and on the wall the same day.

Now 2-1/2 weeks into the show they finally managed to get the cards on the wall but have only manged to put six landscape paintings from the Gallery collection on the furthest set of racks and then on the middle set have four paintings of nudes and absolutely nothing on the first set of rack. Perhaps they have run out of storage space and the middle of the Gallery display space is the only place they can put them.

The very least they could have done would have been to pull out some of the still life paintings they have in the collection to keep everything with in harmony with the theme of a still life exhibition.