Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pastel Basics II

The pastel demonstrations continue today at KAGS (see post on 20 October 2012).

The fifth way of applying pastel is called "hatching" and it consists of applying diagonal lines in one direction to fill in an area. The lines can be either long, short or a mixture of long and short lines.

The hatching can be all of one colour of a mixture of colours which can create some interesting effects.


A sixth way of applying pastel is called "cross hatching". As its name implies it consists of hatching lines crossing in the opposite direction one layer over top of another.

With enough layers of cross hatching eventually none of the paper surface will show through.

Cross Hatching

The seventh and final way of applying pastel that was demonstrated is called "stippling" which is when dots of one colour only is used to create a shape. If more than one colour is used to create the image it is called "pointillism".

There was a lot to learn and now it is up to me to try all the different methods and see what works best for how I paint.

Stippling and Pointillism