Monday, August 24, 2015

Upper Stoney Lake I and II -Two Works in Progress

It was a fairly busy day today with the take in for the Faces and Figures Show at KAGS this morning.

Afterward since it was a nice day with a breeze and we decided to go to Quarry Bay Beach to have a picnic and go swimming.

Upper Stoney Lake I

This is the only public beach on Stoney lake and it is located in Upper Stoney Lake off of Northey's Bay Road.

This is a beautiful small, sandy unsupervised (no lifeguard) beach with a roped off swim area. It has lovely tall pines slightly back from the beach which provide shade and a lovely picnic area.

Upper Stoney Lake II

After lunch I did a couple of sketches of one of the islands out in the lake close to the beach.

I will post each of these sketches once I have completed them with pen and ink.