Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Norwood Skillet

I was at the Norwood Skillet at 4247 Highway 7 in Norwood, Ontario yesterday to see how many paintings I would need to bring with me to hang today and had lunch which was fish and chips and it was excellent.

Their food lives up to their motto, which is "As Good As Homemade Gets". It definitely has that homemade flavour and I would recommend both the fish and chips as well as the meatloaf which I had for supper today after setting up my show.

Entry 1

Entry 2


Entry 3

Entry into Middle Room

They have a number of things going on during the course of a month at the Skillet including an all you can eat brunch every Sunday for $8.99 starting at 9am and finishing at 2pm.

With Ron starting work this week on the Monday he should be home for the weekend and I will see if he would like to view my exhibit and also try their buffet.

Middle 1

The first room as you enter the Skillet is set up for both dining in or for takeout as well as having an ice cream counter which I will have to check out when I am there next month.

The entry leads into the middle room and both rooms are bright with natural sunlight throughout the day which makes it a very pleasant place to eat.

Middle 2

Middle 3

Middle 4

Off the middle room is the much larger Lounge area where they hold the buffet on Sunday.

It also has a bar on a slightly raised level which also has an area for musicians complete with drums and a piano.

This is for their monthly Friday Open Mic Jamm Night in the Lounge from 9pm. until closing. The next one will be held on 06 June 14.

Lounge and Bar

Lounge 1

Lounge 2

The only stipulation on having your artwork here at the Norwood Skillet is that you cannot put any more nails into the wall. So you need to bring paintings that will fit into the spaces.

I took in a wide variety of different sized paintings and ended up with31 pieces hung in the three rooms.

This is what my exhibit looked like once it was completely set up.

Lounge 3

If you have a chance and you are out in the Norwood area you should stop and visit the Norwood Skillet to have a meal and see my art display.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and enjoy the artwork. I hope you will return often.

Lounge 4