Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Emil Varga Workshop - Orchids, Irises and Chrysanthemums

Today the Buckhorn Tuesday Painters have Emil VARGA returning this time to do a workshop with us on painting flowers.

He brought in a drawing of an Iris and another of a Bird of Paradise with the flowers masked out. Emil demonstrated various ways of doing backgrounds behind the flowers and how to create interest.


The rest of the morning we worked on our own paintings, either putting in a background, finishing something we had started or starting something new.

I completed two abstract floral; the first one reminds me of my blue Irises and the second resembles some of my Orchids. Both are original 7" x 10” framed watercolours.


Thank you to Ling and Olsen Choi of Bethany, Ontario on their selection of both paintings to add to their art collection.

After lunch Emil brought out a partially finished painting of tulips which had the background already completed and showed us how he built up layers of colour to shape the flowers and how he worked from one flower to the other.

It was a very productive, interesting and enjoyable class. My last painting of the day reminds me of Chrysanthemums.


This is an original 6-3/4" x 10” framed watercolour available for $165.00.