Sunday, June 7, 2015

Harness Horse Head Study

Today I was at the Brooklin Spring Fair and enjoyed watching the Light Horse show with classes for Carriage Horses, Hackney Ponies, Harness Ponies, and Haflingers.

As usual I took along my camera and sketchbook and took photographs of the classes and did a number of sketches.

During the course of the day I probably did about 20 sketches which could be worked into paintings.

I also took well over 500 photographs of the various classes at the show.

Needless to say, I am very happy that I have switched to digital as I would have hated to pay the cost to develop the film.

This quick sketch is of one of the Harness Ponies.

Fortunately, I took a series of photographs of the stages of this head study sketch.

A lady who had been watching me sketch on and off during the course of the day came over an asked if she could purchase one of my sketches.

I would like to thank new collector Mrs. Marcia Darrin of Toronto, Ontario on her purchase of this sketch.

As I develop more of these sketches I will post them at a later date.