Sunday, August 29, 2010

Using Salt - Three Works in Progress

I often enjoy just playing with paint and salt to see what interesting effects I can get.

Here are three paintings that I started using a limited palette of pure French ultramarine blue, pure raw sienna and a mixture of both colours each mixed in a separate container.

The paper was first wet and the French ultramarine blue was poured into different areas of the paper. Then the green mix was added, followed with small amounts of the raw sienna; always remembering to leave some areas of white paper.


Salt was sprinkled into the paint while it was still wet and then set aside to dry.

While waiting, various kinds of  reef fish were drawn on pieces of tracing paper.


This allows me to place the fish where they will look the best before transferring them down onto the painting. Rather than painting them in and wishing later that I had put them elsewhere.

Hide and Seek

Once the paper had dried any excess salt was brushed off of the paper.

I transferred and painted an angelfish into one area of the painting and will have to plan out what other types of fish need to go into each one and where to place them.

I will post each painting as it is completed.