Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wine and Beer - Two Works in Progress

These are the remaining two sketches that I started in the Still Life class at KAGS earlier this month (see post on 24 January 2019).

This one was of the display featuring the wine bottles and various wine glasses.

We had five different types of wine glasses, a couple of smaller cut crystal glasses, two long stemmed tulip glasses, one of which was tinted blue and a tall Champagne flute.

Ginger ale was put into a couple of the glasses to imitate sparkling wine.


There were two bottles of Vidal Icewine one from Jackson-Triggs and the other from Reif Estate Winery to complete the wine display.

The last grouping features beer.

The beer mug was filled part way with a cola to imitate beer, but of course it was not the right colour.

There was an O'Keefe's beer chalice and an Old Vienna stange glass.


There was a bottle of Budweiser and another of Barking Squirrel set in behind one of the glasses and at the base of the beer bottles there was a lemon and a lime to add colour to the display.

I will post each of these two drawings at a later date as more work on them is completed.

Thank you for looking at my artwork.