Saturday, September 29, 2018

Abstract 38 and 39

This is the another technique we learned called "dipping" in the Pour Your Heart Out workshop with Valerie Kent at the Cavan Art Gallery.

This is another way of using up the excess acrylic paint, rather than wasting by throwing the paint away.

Abstract 38

As the run off paint collects in the tray, canvas can be set down into the paint and then carefully lifted to create interesting designs.

In both of these pieces most of the other students in the class found shapes of fish. Can you see fish in these paintings, or do you see something different?

Abstract 39

I found it to be an easy way of creating an interesting abstract painting and some of the others in the class added small amounts of pure paint to create different designs.

Each of these original 2" x 2" acrylic paintings and will be available with its own display easel for $25.00.