Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sunset Island I and II - Two Works in Progress

I had my pair of Rose breasted Grosbeaks arrive at my bird feeders today. This pair has returned to nest in one of the elm trees by the barn for a number of years.

I pulled out these two sketches that started earlier this month (see post on 02 May 2017) in preparation for a class I should be teaching at the end of the month.

First I drew in the horizon line then added more details to the islands in the background.

Next I worked on adding more details to the main pine tree branches and needles and the small pine.

Sunset Island I

Lastly I did a little more work on the rock shapes and to the reflections.

I started this drawing the same way as the last one, by putting in the horizon and the distant islands.

With the main pine tree being windblown with many broken and bent branches it took a little while until I was pleased with its shape.

Next I added the small pines, the dead trees, put in the growies at the base of the tree and then added reflections.

Sunset Island II

Now I will get copies of both of these drawings in preparation for the class at the end of the month.