Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morning Trees 1 - A Work in Progress

It is a slightly warmer day at 4F (-15.5C) than it was yesterday where the high was -2F (-19C). Although we have the same mix of sun and cloud with snow, the strong wind continues to blow the snow around making it feel a lot colder than it is actually.

This is a small painting I had started earlier this year (see posting on 25 January 2014) called Yellow Sky 4 and I have changed the name to Morning Trees 1.

Some of the background trees have been painted in and the under paint on a couple of the foreground trees. The foreground grasses have also been blocked and along with a few growies.

More work needs to be done to the foreground trees and I will post this painting again at a later date.

Thank you to returning collector Mrs. Joanne Fernall of Norwood, Ontario on her selection of Summer Trees (see posting on 22 June 2010).