Friday, July 17, 2015

Motion in Stillness Article

This is an article published in Kawartha Lakes This week:

Motion in Stillness

Lindsay Gallery exhibition presents a variety of subject matter

Kawartha Lakes This Week
(LINDSAY) A group of area artists are proving that something that is still can also possess movement.

Running until July 25 is Motion in Stillness, an exhibition of 67 original works of art by members of the Kawartha Artists' Gallery and Studio Still Life Group.
The show features a wide range of still life subject matter by artists Carolyn Anstee, Carol Atkinson, Gail Hawkins, Bob Lockie, Susan Sydney and Margaret Tough; the group's seven original members that began meeting at the Gallery more than two years ago.

Each Thursday, the group - which now numbers more than a dozen - comes together to tackle subject matter that ranges from hockey equipment to delicate bottles.

“If it's not moving we paint it,” quipped Ms Anstee.

Still life has been around for centuries, noted Ms Sydney, and while the media has changed over the years, the genre has remained as strong as ever.

“It's an easy way to work from life,” said Ms. Tough. “You get to see all of the relationships right in front of you...and it's in motion because it reflects a living life or activity.”

Mr. Lockie added that, while still may appear to be the simplest form, it is the best 'teacher'.

“You are dealing with light, shadows and textures. And if you can do that right, you can do anything.” said Mr. Lockie.

Each September when the group comes together for another season, they sit down and discuss ideas for subject matter. A weekly schedule is created and members are encouraged to “check their closets to see if they have something that fits,” said Ms Anstee.

There is rarely a shortage of “subjects” but it does create a challenge when it comes to composition.

“If you were doing it yourself, you would position everything the way you want,” said Ms Tough. “But we're a group so we’re a group, so we are setting it up so everyone has a good vantage point and that can be quite a challenge.”

As a result - not withstanding the fact that differences in technique and medium - no two pieces will ever be the same.

“But that is what makes it interesting,” said Mr. Lockie. “It's all about lighting and how everyone relates to it [subject] differently.”

Ms Anstee agrees.

“Everyone sees it their own way. A dozen artists will have a dozen different pieces.”

The exhibition wraps up with an artist talk and reception on Saturday July 25, 2015 from 2 to 4 p.m. 

For more information on the Lindsay Gallery and exhibit,  please call 705-324-1780 or visit

Members of the Kawartha Artists' Gallery and Studio Still Life Group - Margaret Tough, Gail Hawkins, Bob Lockie, Sue Sydney, Carolyn Anstee and Carol Atkinson (absent) have pulled together 67 of their original works for the unique exhibition Motion in Stillness running at the Lindsay Gallery until July 25.