Sunday, October 2, 2011

Going to Magnetawan

It was a rainy day as a number of the Outdoor Painters' Group headed out to Magnetawan for a four day paint out.

One of the bright spots of the trip was when we stopped at Tim Horton's in Minden to collect more of the Group. Across the road at a motel there were a number of antique cars in the lot.

I braved the rain and took pictures of them. The oldest was from 1924 and the newest from 1939.

Autumn Forest

We arrived at the Knoepfli Inn in the early afternoon and got settled in our cabins. I shared the big cabin with Christa and Carol.

Before supper I followed the trail that ran through the property and came across this scene and did the under painting for my small colour sketch.

I will post it at a later date when I have more of it completed. 

Thank you for looking at my artwork.