Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Walk - A Work in Progress

The weather since yesterday has been a mixed bag of tricks. I came home last night after the take in for the Photography show at KAGS during a raging snow storm which added another 2" (5cm) on the ground.

During the night the temperature rose to just above freezing and we had a mix of rain and freezing rain which changed back to rain for most of the day helping to melt some of the snow, which also changed my driveway into a skating rink. Although at the end of the day we managed to have a lovely sunset before the storm clouds came rolling back in once more. I can hardly wait to see what we get next.

Since it was a good day to spend inside when I came across this sketch I thought I may as well put some paint onto paper and at least get it started.

Using French ultramarine blue and burnt sienna I brushed in a cloudy sky and into the foreground added a roadway.

While the paint was still wet I sprinkled in a little salt into the sky to create snowflakes. This painting was then set aside to dry.

I will post this painting at a later date once more work on it has been completed.