Tuesday, October 21, 2014

By Lock 31

It started off as a cold day 34F (1.1C) and made it up to 48F (8.9C) but at least the rain has stopped and the sun is shining.

This morning when I went to go to the barn I was greeting by a loose cow drinking from the bird bath in one of the flower beds on the front lawn. I went to the barn and got a bucket of grain to try and coax her into the barn, but she took off across the infield and went over the fence and into my neighbour's fields.

Trees, Rocks and Water Sketches

I went to Twin Willows Restaurant in Buckhorn to meet a friend for lunch and since I arrived early I started doing little sketches of some of the things |I could see from my both by the window overlooking the Lock 31.

Trees, Rocks and Water Sketches A

With the Lock 31 being closed for the season there were no boats tied up in the channel so I had to be content with trees, rocks, reflections and whatever I could find to attract my attention.

Rocks and Growies

With the rocks the sun lit up the growies behind them and I think I may even turn this one into a painting by itself or use it as a part of an autumn landscape.

By Lock 31

Just up from the locks a lone fisherman came out to try his luck and I did a quick sketch of Buckhorn Lake as you approach Lock 31 with some of the cottages that are on the lake.

My friend arrives 20 minutes late, but at least the wait was productive and I will post these sketches at a later date as I turn them into paintings.