Thursday, November 16, 2017

More New Toys

I have always wanted to have a little trailer to put my gardening stuff in and pull behind my lawn mower to make it easier to work in my gardens which are located throughout the 4 acres (1.6ha) of lawn surrounding the house.

Especially when carrying buckets of water to the flower beds along the west fence at the entrance to the property and on the south fence where my arbour with my climbers are located and the hose is not long enough to reach so they can be watered.

Another thing I wanted was to have a small snow blower attached to the lawn mower so I could use it in the winter to clear out the small areas that the snow blower on Ron's tractor cannot clear and it would make it a lot easier than shovelling it out by hand.

Earlier this week when I went into Lakefield I saw a small lawn mower with a trailer and snow blower and I let Ron know that I have found one that was for sale.

Since I was at KAGS today he was going out to look at and it would make a very nice Christmas gift.

When I returned home from the Gallery Ron told me that he didn't get the lawn mower and accessories that I had looked at, instead I could go and look at what he found for me, which was in the shop.

Needless to say I was delighted with what I found there, which was a much newer and larger lawn mower and accessories. Ron will fix the flat tires on the trailer and get everything ready for me to use the snow blower for the winter.