Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stained Glass - A Work in Progress

The Outdoor Painters Group meets at the KAGS on Thursdays from October through to the middle of April and then they paint outdoors at various locations in the area, weather permitting.

I decided that this one would be a good choice to work on while there as in the afternoon (see posting on 13 April 2010), it was my turn to sit the "Faces and Figures" Show which closed today at 4:00pm. It is the kind of painting I could leave it at any time to talk with the people who come in to view the paintings on display in the gallery.

With the areas masked out with liquid friskit that I wanted to keep white, I didn't have to worry about how I applied the colour.

To try and capture the feeling of stained glass, I added brighter, more transparent colours to some of the areas to give the impression of the various sections "glowing" as though light is passing through glass.

Trying to keep the painting fairly bright and clean looking I added various blocks of colour to the painting. To create interest I added darker lineal shapes and then some smaller simple shapes into some of the areas of colour so they wouldn't be just a solid mass of one colour.

I wasn't able to finish the painting today, but then tomorrow is always another day. When I come back to working on this piece again I will post the changes.