Friday, July 16, 2010

Drawing the American Saddlebred - Chest, Neck and Head

I finish the mane first as it is the furthest point to the left on my drawing that hasn't been completed.

I do this is to prevent myself from smearing graphite across an almost finished piece which is a very likely possibility (I know this from past experience).

Again working with the darkest shadowed area on the chest, foreleg, neck and the inside of the ear, I start the first layer of graphite.

Gradually adding each layer and going over the areas until only the white of the foreleg and any highlights are left without graphite.

I will remove any excess graphite and then apply another layer of workable fixative over the newly finished area.

The darks are added onto the head and forelock.

I often find that the head usually requires more time to complete than any other section of the horse as there is a lot of detail to fit into a small area.

I usually start at the top of the head and work my way down adding more details as each layer of graphite is added, finishing by removing any loose graphite and spraying lightly with the fixative.