Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pinto - Stock Type

After posting the logo I had designed for the Ontario Pinto Horse Association last month (see post on 27 January 2016) I decided I would like to do a more recent version of each of the different types of Pintos.

This is the Stock type Pinto, which usually has Quarter Horse blood and in this category many Pintos are also registered as Paints.

One of the most common questions is "What is the difference between a Pinto and a Paint?"

Basically, the difference is that a Pinto is a colour and can be registered with the Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc. and a Paint is a breed that can be registered with the American Paint Horse Association and because of its colour can also be registered as a Pinto.

For more information about either registry please click on the links.

This original 8" x 10" framed graphite pencil drawing is available for $85.00. SOLD