Monday, March 10, 2014

Winter Trail I

Today I was back at KAGS to continue with the winter painting we had started last week in the first of four classes with Lucy Manley.

We started with painting the evening sky with a thicker paint of cadmium yellow, lemon yellow and white.

Using a darker mixture with more cadmium yellow and white toward the top of the sky and gradually changing the mix to more of the lemon yellow than cadmium in the middle and toward the bottom.

A few small areas of lemon yellow and white were used to indicate where the sun is located.

A mixture of white, cerulean blue with a touch of alizarin crimson and added it to the tops of the background trees and giving them a few of them a little definition.

Then French ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and lemon yellow, the dark trees in the background were put in, which pushed the bright light green trees forward.

A few indistinct trunks were added at this time in the background as well as a larger dead tree trunk into the foreground.

Using the two blues, burnt sienna, and raw sienna the main tree trunks were painted being sure to leave a little of the cadmium red under paint showing through to allow a warm to the painting.

The pine needles were applied using various mixtures of the two blues, burnt sienna, raw sienna and the two yellows.

This is the first of three painting that will be donated to the Canvas Confidential fund raiser for the Lindsay Gallery.