Monday, September 30, 2019

Eels Lake I - III

Since Ron didn't have to go in to work today and the weather was nice, we decided that we would take the canoe and head up toward Bancroft so I could take some photographs of the autumn colours which are a lot further along than they are here.

I thought that we would stop and go in to either Loon Call Lake or Wolf Lake, but Ron wanted to try a lake that we hadn't been to before so we ended up at Eel's Lake.

When we arrived, we could see that the water levels were down at least 2-1/2 - 3ft (.76 - .91m), which allowed many rocks, stumps and logs showing which would normally be submerged.

Eels Lake I

As usual we headed up the lake until we were as far as we wanted to go for the trip and turned the canoe around and I would work on drawings and take reference photographs while Ron went fishing.

I did a drawing of a large pine tree on an island which was at our turning point.

Eels Lake II

As we continued on our way back be went in between a chain of islands and the shore, both of which had cottages and boat docks.

My second drawing was of an island with a large number of pine, cedar and maple trees, which at a later date I may do a large painting in either watercolour or acrylic.

Eels Lake III

As we returned to the boat launch Rob decided he wanted to try one last time to catch a fish and we went into the shallow inlet on the far side of the dock.

Unfortunately for Ron, this trip the only thing he managed to catch was a couple of the sunken logs in the inlet. All in all it was an enjoyable day out on the lake.