Friday, April 13, 2018

18th Annual Peterborough Garden Show

Today we set up our exhibit at the 18th Annual Peterborough Garden Show, held at the Evinrude Centre, at 911 Monaghan Road, in Peterborough Ontario.

This year it is the Buckhorn Artists' Group exhibiting there, instead of the artists from the Kawartha Artists' Gallery and Kawartha Artists’ Gallery and Studio as none of the members from the Gallery were willing to organize and run the show.

We arrived at the Evinrude Centre in the morning and it didn't take very long to unload and set up the grids.

Once everything was securely in place the artists picked out where they wanted to hang their paintings.

Some of the artists had larger paintings than others and used an entire set of panels, while others had smaller pieces and shared the panels.

I shared space with two different artists who didn't have enough paintings to fill their spots.

Once we everything was hung we decided to bring in some lights.

Since I was one of the sitters for tonight's 5-9 p.m. shift I would bring in lights, light bars and extension cords and the other two sitters would bring in their lights.

When we returned to the show it didn't take long to hang the lights on the panels, turn them on and get them positioned to enhance the look of the paintings.

It wasn't long before people started to arrive to look at the various displays throughout the building and come into the conference room to have something to eat and view our show.

Many of the people we spoke with came out tonight in the rain and hoped to return home before the temperature dropped and changed to freezing rain for the overnight.

We were fortunate that the freezing rain held off until we made it safely home.

Three paintings were sold by Diane Collins and Susan Sydney.

I would like to thank new collector Mrs. Valerie Senior of Peterborough, Ontario on her purchase of Water Jug II (see post on 16 September 2012).