Saturday, December 13, 2014

Background 9 and10 - Two Works in Progress

When I had finished working on Magnetawan Reflections for the day (see post on 10 December 2014) as usual I used the leftover acrylic paint to create a background for a painting.

Background 9

Using a palette knife I picked up the paint and applied it to the panel  blending it slightly and keeping the layer of paint fairly smooth and not very thick. After having covered the 8" x 10" panel there was still a fair amount of paint remaining.

In this case I still had enough leftover colours to cover a small 5" x 7" panel using the remaining burnt sienna, cadmium red and a little cadmium yellow.

I applied it onto the panel with a palette knife first and then used a brush and water to blend the paint on the panel to give it a flat, smooth finish.

I will post each of these panels at a later date.

Background 10