Monday, May 7, 2018

ACEO - Moonlight 7

Today I thought I would like to work on another of the moonlight paintings (see posts on 17 September 2016 and 08 March 2018).

I decided that I would make a few changes to this one by removing the trees on the foreground land mass as well as on the land on the left side.

With the sky colour on this one being more into the mauve range I thought I would continue with the same colour throughout the painting.

Mixing together alizarin crimson, Antwerp blue and French ultramarine blue I brushed in the areas of water first, being careful to leave areas of white paper showing, which could be snow on the frozen water or areas of thin ice.

Adding water to the paint I washed in the shadowed snow covered areas of the land, again leaving areas of white paper touched by the moonlight.

Next I painted in the moon with new gamboge and lemon yellow.

Adding a little bit of cadmium yellow to the moon colour I painted in the moon's reflection on the water.

If you would like more information about ACEO please go to my post on 11 March 2010.

The ACEO shown here is an original watercolour painting using Artist quality Winsor & Newton paint on 140lb. Arches 100% rag, acid free watercolour paper. It is priced at $20.00 and sold unframed.