Thursday, July 12, 2012

Setting up the Bobcaygeon Art Show

Today I worked on getting together all the paintings I am going to take to Settler's Village for the Bobcaygeon Art Show.

This is my third year in the schoolhouse with Tom Young another member of the Buckhorn Artists' Group.

Our paintings go well together. I usually bring smaller pieces which can be set on the desk tops and the seats, while he brings larger pieces for on the walls and easels.

It is a wonderful venue for us to able to display our artwork in the many over a century old buildings.

The rules we have to follow are very simple; use the existing nails for hanging paintings and do not damage any of the artifacts.

Even though they are calling for high temperatures of 86-93F 30-34C) and humid weather this weekend I am looking forward to the show as there are always many interesting things going on in the Village.