Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Snow

The first day of December started off with mild temperatures for the season and a light rain falling when I drove down to KAGS for the life drawing class. If you would like to see some of my artwork from the life drawing classes you can follow this link to my Life Drawing Portfolio which I should have up and available towards the end of 2011.

When I came out of the Gallery three hours later I was greeted by a blizzard and had to brush over an inch of wet packing snow off my car. I was glad that I took the Blazer with its four wheel drive since this type of snow usually makes the roads icy if the township hasn't gotten out to put down sand and salt.

It was easy to pick out which people hadn't realized that there was ice under the snow and the roads with all that white stuff on it weren't dry as they spun their wheels and fish tailed all over the place.

Needless to say the drive home was an interesting experience, especially when I watched a car approaching me from the opposite direction going down the road sideways. He continued that way right past me and on down the road as I glanced at his progress in my mirror until I could no longer see him through the blowing snow.

I was happy to finally make it home in one piece and be able to watch the snow through my living room window instead of being out driving in a major snow storm.

By evening the storm ended and we had almost four inches of heavy packing snow covering the ground.

Winter Snow is an original 5" x 5” framed watercolour and is available for $95.00. SOLD

Thank you for looking at my artwork.