Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Upper Buckhorn Lake VI-X - Five Works in Progress

These are more sketches of Upper Buckhorn Lake that I did while walking along Highway 23 (formerly called Highway 507) and also called Buckhorn Road.

I started at the Post Office and took my time as I walked across the bridge stopping to make a sketch of the shoreline.

Then a sketch of one of the interesting trees that are on the islands that are just below the dam.

I slowly continued across the bridge and stopped to do a sketch of the small inlet.

Upper Buckhorn Lake VI

I will return another day to make sketches of some of the cottages that are right on the lake and can be seen from the Highway.

Coming off the bridge I turned onto Highway 36 and did another sketch from the shoreline of a couple of pine trees, rocks and distant shore.

My final sketch, before I turned around and headed back to my car was of a section of the shoreline which had a number of large pine trees and a view of the far shore.

Upper Buckhorn Lake VII

I will post these at a later date as they are developed into paintings.

Upper Buckhorn Lake IX

Upper Buckhorn Lake X

Upper Buckhorn Lake VIII