Monday, May 8, 2017

Summer Sky - A Work in Progress

Today the morning started with the temperature at 34F (1C) with the wind chill making it feel like 25F (-4C). I wanted to do work on a painting and I came across a panel that had been primed and set aside to paint.

I started by putting in the sky using titanium white, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and cobalt blue, keeping the sky darker at the top and lightening it and adding clouds as I went toward the bottom of the canvas.

Using a mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna I started to put in the main trunks of a couple of trees.

Before I could go much further I had company arrive bringing with them a mixture of rain and snow. I decided to put this painting away and enjoy a cup of tea and baked goods with my friends.

I will post it at a later date once some of the trees have been painted.