Saturday, June 25, 2011

Balance Beam 3

A regulation-size balance beam used in competition for elite and junior elite gymnasts measures approximately 4 feet (1.25 meters) in height, approximately 16-1/2 feet (5 meters) in length and is only 4 inches (10 centimeters) in width.

Today's beams are covered in leather or suede to help prevent slipping and they are also sprung to accommodate the stress of high-difficulty tumbling and dance skills.

A beam routine can last up to 90 seconds and must consist of acrobatic elements in different directions (forward/sideward and backward), a full turn on one foot, a connection of two dance elements, one a leap, jump, or hop with legs in 180 degree split, a series of two acrobatic skills and a dismount.

Many things are taken into consideration such as all the elements and all the errors in a routine which are noted by the judges and determine the gymnast's final mark.

Congratulations to new collectors Kawartha Gymnastics Club of Peterborough, Ontario on their selection of this painting.

Today is the first day of the Art in the Garden Tour, in Peterborough, Ontario. It is put on by GardenRoute. I will be at Horlings Garden Centre, 3056 Lakefield Road, Lakefield, Ontario from 10am-12 noon and tomorrow from 10am-4pm.

Looking forward to seeing some of you this week end.