Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lazy River 1-3 - Three Works in Progress

Today I am painting with the Buckhorn Tuesday Painting Group at St. Matthews Church.

I pulled out these three paintings that I had started quite a while ago (see post on 23 December 2011).

The background was a little on the wishy washy side so I decided I would try and have at least that completely finished today.

Using pure raw sienna, I applied a layer over the background trees.

Lazy River 1

This was done to each of the three paintings, being careful to leave the grass below the treeline untouched.

By the time the last painting had the raw sienna applied to the background hills the first painting was dry.

I mixed and orange of raw sienna, burnt sienna and a little alizarin crimson and painted in the slightly closer trees, being careful to allow some of the raw sienna to show at the top and in a few places throughout the background hills.

Lazy River 2

This was repeated on each of the paintings. Once again the first painting was dry and I was ready to add the next layer of colour onto the first painting.

I used the orange mix and added some cadmium red and added it into the background. 

The first panting had only a small amount of this colour leaving a lot of the background showing through.

In the second painting the background was closer so a little more of the last bright orange was added.

Lazy River 3

In the last painting I wanted more of the orange and placing it much like leaves on a tree.

I will post each of these paintings at a later date once more work on them has been completed.