Friday, January 12, 2018

Resting Place - A Work in Progress

There is a flash freeze warning in place for this afternoon and it looks like we are going to have freezing rain all day. Needless to say, I decided that I would stay in and go through a box of art supplies that I brought down from the heated storage room I have upstairs.

While I was going through some of the pads of acrylic, pastel and drawing paper I found this partially completed drawing that I had started in the 90's when I was doing a number of drawings in pastel.

I started by blocking in the sunlit background with a pale yellow green, then applied the base for three cedar tree trunks with a medium brown followed by using a dark green for the base colour of the cedar foliage.

Using a soft grey, I put in a little bit of detail into the cedar foliage, followed by using a yellow green for some variation. Then I added a few cedar boughs of different greens to see in which direction I wanted to take the cedar colours.

Lastly, I put in the base for the foreground with yellow ochre and then started adding a little detail into the grasses with various greens into the foreground before calling it a day.

I will post this drawing at a later date once more work on it has been completed.