Thursday, June 8, 2017

Burleigh Inn I-V

Today I went on a paint out with the KAGS Outdoor Painters' Group to the Burleigh Inn located right beside Burleigh Falls.

It was too muddy for me to get down to the Falls safely, so I stayed by the Burleigh Inn at their marina and did some sketching.

Cindy helped me get set up at the end of the dock where I had a lot of things draw.

I started with a boat with lovely reflections that was moored at the end of the marina facing out at the lake.

Burleigh Inn I

To the right of me at the end of the dock was a mooring chain.

The chain was anchored in the pink granite rock face that ran down into the water.

The attachment bolt at the end of the chain was under the water.

I found it interesting the way the water distorted the position of the bolt.

It moved it to the side instead of directly following the line down beneath the water.

Burleigh Inn III

On the opposite side of the marina entrance there is a tall white pine which was the subject of my next sketch.

I started with the waterline at the bottom of the rock face and built the rock up to the base of the tree.

I put the trunk of the pine in first and then started to add the branches and pine needles onto the tree.

Next I put in the deciduous tree trunks beside the pine on top of the rock face with some grasses and growies.

Burleigh Inn IV

By then it was lunch time and all of us got together under the shade of the trees and relaxed for a little while.

Burleigh Inn II

After lunch I stayed in the shade and worked on a sketch of the rock face as it goes beneath the water and showing the rock through the crystal clear water of the lake.

Burleigh Inn V

For my last sketch, I chose to do the stone stairs leading down to the marina from the cottages. It was surrounded by ferns and shrubbery, with lights along the sides for night time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and enjoy the artwork.