Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Monochrome and Black and White Show

Today is the first day of the Monochrome and Black and White exhibit at KAGS.

Some monochromes were drawings using only burnt sienna, burnt umber, or Payne's grey.

Mine was using only French ultramarine blue with the darkest being the colour straight from the tube with no water added to a very pale mix with just a tiny amount of colour added to water to just tint the paper.

There were a number of monochrome paintings in the show where the base colour of burnt umber, red oxide, viridian, cobalt blue or turquoise was changed with the addition of black and white paint.

Two paintings that I found interesting were poured acrylic abstracts, the first was of black and white only and the second one was of black, white and cobalt blue.

For the black and white only, there were a number of pen and ink drawings; some were very detailed and others that were quick sketches.

There were a couple of lino prints that were quite interesting and showed another way to use black and white.

The majority of the black and white pieces were created using graphite pencil. Some of which were so realistic that they could almost pass as photographs.

Needless to say there were also a number of black and white photographs in the show featuring a wide range of subject matter.

On the whole it is a wonderful exhibit and beautifully presented.

The show runs from today through to 24 February with the opening reception being held on Sunday, 27 January from 1-4 p.m.

If you have the chance, please come out and see this exhibit.