Thursday, December 12, 2013

Morning Skies and Misty Backgrounds - Three Works in Progress

These are some of the paintings I demonstrated at KAGS last month while teaching the "Basic Watercolour" class (see posting on13 November 2013)

For this class we changed our blue from French ultramarine blue to Antwerp blue for most of the paintings and added alizarin crimson for a red.

Pink Sky 1

After wetting the paper we washing in alizarin crimson into the sky leaving some areas of white and with horizontal strokes brushed it into the snow covered area.

Using a wash of Antwerp blue we brushed a little of it into the still wet pink of the sky and into the snow. 

Antwerp blue and a little burnt sienna were used for the background treeline which was painted in without a lot of detail.

Using a slightly darker mix of Antwerp blue and burnt sienna the closer foreground trees were indicated.

Dawn 2

For the second morning sky we painted in first a wash of alizarin crimson and then adding a little more colour painted in the darker red into the bottom of the sky.

Using Antwerp blue with a little burnt sienna to grey the colour slightly, the lighter clouds were brushed into the sky. As the paper was drying a little more burnt sienna was added to the pale grey wash and darker stronger coloured clouds were painted into the top of the sky having a little more substance than the lighter clouds.

Out of the Fog 1

For the final painting we changed the blue from Antwerp blue to Cobalt blue for a fog scene. The trees were drawn in lightly and eventually a very pale wash of cobalt blue will be brushed onto the paper.

I will post these paintings at a later date as they are completed.