Monday, May 17, 2010

Birches at Dawn - A Work in Progress

The birch trees were masked out to keep the paper white.

The sky has been painted in with a base against the horizon line of raw and burnt sienna. The open area of sky with Antwerp blue, the clouds are a mixture of alizarin crimson, Antwerp blue, French ultramarine blue and a touch of burnt sienna.

The distant shoreline was painted with a slightly darker mix of the cloud colour. Then the painting was set aside to dry.

Once the paper was completely dry the masking fluid was removed from the birch trees.

They have been washed with the colours from the sky and some of the markings and smaller branches have been added were added using the same mixture that was used in the shoreline.

I will post this painting again at a later date once I have painted in the snow covered lake.