Sunday, October 10, 2010

Towards the Light - A Work in Progress

We have a lovely park about five minutes away called Selwyn Beach Conservation Area, located on the north east shore of Lake Chemong.

The 72 acres (29 hectares) Park was established in 1973 to provide a section of the Lake's shoreline for public use.

It has an unsupervised sand beach with nearby barbecues and tables for picnics, as well as a large shelter complete with a central barbecue pit. Further down the shoreline there is a boat launch and docking facilities.

What I enjoy the most are the hiking trails in the northern portion of the Park. It has been left undeveloped except for the trails which pass through a wide variety of terrain including open fields, wetlands and woodland.

The area shown is found close to the parking lot; and you past through this small portion of the woodland as the three children in this painting are in order to get to the beach.

I will post it again as I complete more on the painting.