Saturday, December 19, 2015

Uncle Albert's Farm - A Work in Progress

I am concerned about my Patch kitty. Ron saw her last weekend when he did the barn chores for me but so far he hasn't seen her and Christine hasn't seen her at all this week.

I am starting to walk a little without the crutches but I still need to use one when going up or down the stairs but things are improving every day.

I wanted to do some drawing today and I pulled out this sketch that I had started a couple of years ago (see post on 22 October 2013).

I added a horse on the other side of the fence, and then I brought in a few more branches from the right side of the drawing.

I want to add a couple more animals, such as a couple of cats, a dog and perhaps a few more chickens or pair of geese. I will post this painting at a later date once more work on it has been completed and I have added the other animals.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork and I hope you will return often.