Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hay Bay I

Today we took the trailer for our last trip of the year and went to Pickerel Park Sun RV Resort and Campground in Napanee, Ontario.

It didn't take very long for us to get into our spot and have everything set up. This time we brought Kyora with us and she quickly learned not to charge out at the other dogs or bark at people as they walked along the road.

Then we went exploring. The Campground is located on 21 acres (8.5 hectares) and features over 700' (213.4m) of shoreline on Hay Bay. The boat docks are set in such a way as where the small sandy beach is located the central dock forms a large, rectangular protected swimming area, with the boats docking on the outside, or at other straight docks on either side of the protected section.

The heated pool, been drained for the season, but there was bingo in one of the buildings and craft/art activities, there were a number of horseshoe pitches and Ron couldn't wait to go fishing.

After lunch, we went back to the docks and Ron went fishing while I did this little pencil drawing of the shoreline on the other side of Hay Bay.

Kyora, caught up on her beauty sleep as she lay behind Ron's chair and occasionally lifted her head and looked around to be sure that we were safe.

Time seemed to pass quickly, and before long the sun was getting lower in the sky and we headed back to the trailer to have supper and relax for the evening with a campfire.

We left the next morning, early enough to beat the Thanksgiving weekend traffic as we headed back home.