Friday, March 18, 2011

Sugar Shack 1 - A Work in Progress

With this version of a Sugar Shack I changed the under paint from raw sienna (see yesterday's post for Sugar Shack) to a purple of alizarin crimson and manganese blue).

The sky colour is cobalt blue and titanium white. The background is a mixture of the sky colour, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, raw sienna and French ultramarine blue.

The layer of snow closest to the base of the distant trees was painted in using the sky colour. Then some birch trunks were added using the sky colour and a hint of burnt sienna to grey it. The dark deciduous tree trunks were put in using burnt sienna and French ultramarine blue with some of them coming into the snow to appear closer. A thinner mixture was used to indicate the main maple tree trunks in the foreground.

I will post this painting once I complete more work on it.