Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cows 3-5 - Three Works in Progress

Since Cow 4 was almost finished (see postings on 02 and 12 May 2014) I thought I had better carry on with them since I only have two more days before the art show on the weekend.

I went back into the painting using black, white and grey to add shadows onto the cow's face and body.

Next using burnt sienna and black I painted in the eyes and added the long eye lashes to give the cow a little expression.

Lastly I did the muzzle of the cow using various mixtures of burnt sienna, white, alizarin crimson and Hansa yellow.

I changed the name of Cow 4 to Whatever.

I then started in on Cow 3 roughly applying the markings with black and white and started to put in a little bit of the shading onto the cow's face and then set it aside to dry.

Cow 3

Next I worked on Cow 5 and once again started in with just black, white and grey and applied markings to the face and body before setting it aside to dry.

Cow 5

I will post these paintings as I complete each cow at a later date.